Netflix releases a new interactive trivia game ‘Triviaverse’

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With the help of their TV remote, Netflix subscribers can now test their knowledge and compete against a “Trivia master” in a new interactive game “Triviaverse” that launched yesterday.

The game is like any other trivia game and the rules are quite simple. The players simply have to answer as many questions as possible before the time runs out and try to beat different high scores to earn badges.

To answer the questions players can use their remote and press the arrow keys to choose the desired option. The questions would range across different categories like, history, science and pop culture and would increase in difficulty as time goes on.

Netflix also said that the game can be played in either a single-player mode or a two-player mode in which the player has to answer in two rounds per person. Players would also receive badges for every milestone they achieve.

“Whether it’s challenging a personal best to beat 4,000 points or dueling your friends to reach 10,000 points, we hope you learn something new and have fun!” wrote Rick Sanchez, Netflix Director of Product Management, in the company’s official blog.

The company has already experimented with interactive storytelling before but they were not as advanced and were not meant to be played as games but the recent acquisition of various game studios by the company shows how serious they are about adding games to their platform.

Netflix have also established their own in-house game studios to aid the developers and have revealed that many games are set to be released on their platform for their users to enjoy.

Vice Presdent of Gaming at Netflix, Mike Verdu also revealed that the company is serious about making advances in the cloud gaming area. The games are not meant to compete with AAA titles but will rather focus on casual and relaxing aspects for users on their platform.