Netflix set to launch ‘The Queens’ Gambit Chess’ game in July

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Netflix has released a video announcing their upcoming Summer Games featuring some of the most popular titles in the mobile gaming scene. Along with them, Netflix is also featuring one of the most popular board games, Chess inspired by the popular series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’.

From the first look, the game seems to be a somewhat adapted story of the TV series, with players visiting locations and meeting people featured in the series. Considering the popularity of Chess, there might be some brief lessons for players about the working of the game. The game is set to release on 25 July

The official description of the game says, “Welcome to Beth Harmon’s world. Take lessons, play puzzles and matches, or compete against friends in this stunning love letter to the award-winning drama.”

“Beyond the chess board, players can meet familiar faces like Shaibel and Borgov, visit iconic locations, including Beth’s house, the Methuen orphanage, the Las Vegas tournament, and more. From new beginners to chess masters, this immersive experience appeals to every type of fan.”

Apart from that, the company also announced other popular mobile titles like Cut the Rope Daily coming 1 August, Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed and Paper Trail, which are labelled as coming soon.

Another popular title includes OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, a sequel to the popular multi-platform video game OXENFREE, which will be released two weeks before The Queen’s Gambit Chess. The game is developed by Night School Studio, which was acquired by Netflix back in 2021.

The game is a direct sequel set five years after the events of OXENFREE, which was very well received during its launch and will be available for both PC and mobile devices.

With these additions, the Netflix game library now features more than 60 games for its subscribers. The company has been focusing on the gaming sector recently and has invested in several studios to provide casual games to its subscribers. This works out as a great way for the company to retain its subscribers, and people get to play some great video games.