More than 15 arrested for illegal gambling across Bapatla, Bengaluru and Mumbai

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Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh

On Sunday, Bapatla police conducted surprise raids on a few gambling establishments throughout the district and arrested the gamblers. The police also rescued roosters from the gambling establishments and seized money.

After the raid, Bapatla superintendent of police (SP) said, “In order to maintain law and order, stern action would be taken against those involved in antisocial activities.” He also said that in order to curb these activities, not only them but many other police stations have also started taking action.

Bengaluru, Karnataka

The City Crime Branch (CCB) inspectors uncovered an online betting racket for cricket last week and arrested a bookmaker who was responsible for running it, taking bets for the Test series between India and Bangladesh.

The police apprehended the bookie at Jamia Mosque Road in Halasuru Gate after receiving a tip off, and seized a mobile phone and Rs. 2 lakh in cash. The accused was taking bets from online gamblers while running the scheme using the LOTUS365 mobile app. Further investigation, with the seized phone being a key piece of evidence, is underway.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

In another Matka gambling bust in recent times, the social service division of the Mumbai Police Crime Branch (MPCB) arrested 13 individuals from the Dadar area on Monday as part of yet another campaign against Matka gambling in the city.

The raid was carried out after the team was tipped off about the illegal gambling activities. The police claimed that the accused were operating this online gambling business illegally while posing as government-approved lottery operators.

After arriving at the scene, the police arrested everyone who was apparently engaged in illegal gambling at the time. They also seized many items, including Rs 44,240 in cash, Matka charts, booklets, chits with Matka numbers, and other electronic items like computers, screens, and devices.

The MPCB has already been investigating 14 Matka gambling cases throughout the city. The investigation was done by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Suhas Warke following directions from the Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar.