Top 3 premium gaming headsets in India in 2023

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Video gaming has fast-paced itself as the most popular hobby among young people in India. In fact, the hobby is now turning into profession lately. A recent survey by HP India also revealed that one out of every three people considers gaming as a viable career option. It further said that nearly 45% of Indian gamers are earning between Rs 6 and 12 lakh a year, and the number is increasing.

And with such an increase in gaming market, the sale volume for premium gaming equipment and accessories has skyrocketed. No matter what platform a player is on – Mobile, PC, or console, the best equipments make the gaming experience satisfying. And gaming headsets are probably the most important gaming accessory after the device itself.

Today, we have sorted three such gaming headsets from premium brands that enhance gaming experience for hardcore gaming sessions. All these headsets offer the best possible specs and features for the price they come for. So without any further time, let’s get straight into the list.

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headsets
Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headsets

A well-known all-rounder in terms of tech, Sony’s gaming equipment usually do not come cheap. However, Sony justifies the prices of its products without compromising even a bit on quality and comfort. Their INZONE series H3 headset is probably the best gaming headset available currently for the price.

The Sony INZONE H3 is a clean, over-the-year headset featuring high quality 360-degree spatial sound. The features allow users to get a detailed experience of their in-game surroundings with powerful 40 mm custom drivers. These gaming headsets come with USB connectivity with customisable sound quality using PC software.

The headset also boasts a flip-to-mute feature for the microphone, which allows forcing quick actions. The microphone is also bidirectional and sports AI noise reduction compatibility.

These super cool headsets from Sony are available here for Rs 6,990.