Police suspect suicide after Mahadev Book’s alleged ‘cash courier’ Aseem Das’ father found dead

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Enforcement Directorate (ED) recently arrested Aseem Das, who was allegedly a cash courier for illegal operatives of Mahadev Book. In the latest turn of events, Aseem’s father, Sushil, has reportedly committed suicide.

Sushil worked as a security guard for a private company and had gone missing since Sunday, December 3. Later, the 62-year-old was found inside a well at Achhoti village under suspicious circumstances.

Speculations suggest that Sushil jumped into the well, which lead to his death. According to Senior Superintendent of Police Ram Gopal Garg, the actual cause of death will be disclosed after full-fledged investigation.

According to India TV, the unfortunate event has added a sense of complexity to the ongoing probe against Mahadev Book. In fact, this aggregates the work for officials who are already busy busting suspects linked to the illegal betting network.

For the unversed, Sushil’s son is currently under custodial control after he was caught with Rs 5.39 crores cash. Allegedly, the cash seized from Aseem was to deliver to Congress party’s now-dethroned CM Bhupesh Baghel. It was reported that Mahadev Book operatives funded electoral campaigns of Congress Party in Chhattisgarh.

Political parties in Chhattisgarh make betting an agenda for elections

Baghel, however, denied all the accusations made against his name. He claimed that the opposition misused its power with ED for political gains. Later, Das also refused to accept his previous statement, claiming that ED forcefully got it signed. The money found with him was for starting a construction business, Das added in a recent court hearing.

Both BJP and Congress took jibes at each other claiming involvement in running a betting network. Congress claimed that BJP took their shots to gain an advantage during the elections. The results are now out with BJP winning majority seats, however, it is hard to say if the win was actually influenced by Mahadev Book allegations.

Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch is also working on another matter related to the case of Mahadev Book app. The department has formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to further probe the matter.