SuperGaming releases its first Web3 game named Ethernia

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SuperGaming, a game development firm based in Pune, released its first Web3 game named Ethernia, which will be made available to be played on mobile and desktop from next month. The game’s development began at the start of 2022, allowing its users to wage battles, gather a squad, and fight against other players for victories, said the company in a statement.

SuperGaming claimed that more than 150,000 players have already signed up for Ethernia’s waitlist within its first week. Venkat Chandar, the Vice President of Product at SuperGaming, stated that the company’s vision with the game is to have a sustainable economy that is strong and that fulfills players’ needs. He also shared that the focal point of Ethernia’s economy is the users.

“Our vision when we set out to build Ethernia was to have a long-term sustainable economy that’s resilient and in line with player needs,” Venkat Chandar was quoted as saying in Moneycontrol. “The economy in Ethernia heavily focuses on the players and is created with them in mind.”

Ethernia, powered by the Polygon blockchain, is created with resilient in-game economics that enables the users to keep assets during the game. At the start, it will provide three kinds of digital cards – Minion Cards, Hero Cards and Tower Cards, which the players can pick to gather their squad. Minion and Tower cards are interchangeable items, meaning they are not unique and hold utility value in the game.

Contrary to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), every unit is not stocked separately on the blockchain and holds the same value as other units of the same asset. The Hero cards, on the other hand, are limited collection NFTs, which will be made available soon on the game, confirmed the company. SuperGaming formerly developed notable games such as Silly Royale, MaskGun and Tower Conquest.