I bow to the Governor to sign the Online Gambling Ban Bill: Ramadoss

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PMK party leader Anbumani Ramadoss has commented on the latest situation concerning the online gambling ban bill in the state of Tamil Nadu. He has been one of the many vocal supporters of the bill and has been urging the Governor to give his assent to it.

“Why did the Governor not approve the bill the first time?” questioned Ramadoss, pointing to the time when the Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi returned the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Bill, 2022 without giving his assent.

Subsequently, the bill was passed in the Legislative Assembly in March and sent back to the Governor for his assent.

“I bow to the Governor to sign the bill for the youth of Tamil Nadu,” added Ramadoss.

Moreover, BJP leader K Annamalai has made it clear earlier that the party supports banning of online rummy in the state. In a recent interview, he said, “Online gambling ban has been re-enacted and this time the bill cannot be returned and has to be passed by the Governor”.

Annamalai has previously said that he had asked the Governor to give his assent for the bill. Pointing a finger at the DMK, he said that the ruling party’s intentions to ban online rummy are not clear and asked the bill to be made public as everyone can read and understand the issues.

Governor RN Ravi returned the bill on March 8 this year, claiming that the state government does not have the authority to pass such a bill. Later, law minister S Regupathy clarified that what the Governor claimed was wrong, and the state does hold the authority to pass the bill. According to Article 200 of the Indian Constitution, the Governor cannot refuse to give his assent to the bill the second time.