Karnataka gaming ban: Dream11 skips user queries on legal status to play

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Dream11 which continues to function despite Karnataka’s law banning online gaming has stopped answering social media user queries on legal status to play in Karnataka. Dream11 maintains an active social media presence and responds to user queries usually within few hours.

In an expected development, gaming industry body All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and at least three online gaming companies have filed writ petitions in the Karnataka High Court on Thursday challenging the constitutional validity of the law.

The fantasy gaming leader responded to user queries on Karnataka law as recently as in the last week of September stating residents of Karnataka are permitted to participate in the Dream11 app. However, once the law came into effect, Dream11 social media accounts refrained from responding to user queries from Karnataka on the legal status to play on the platform. The last response came in at 12:12 am on October 6 directing a user to the help centre.

In one instance, Dream11 deleted a response after receiving ire from users for providing a standard reply without actually answering the query.

Dream11 deletes a tweet response

Most of the Real money gaming operators have already blocked access to residents of Karnataka after the state government notified the online gaming ban law for stakes with immediate effect on October 5. The law passed last month by the legislature received governor assent on October 4.  

We are not commenting on the matter,” said a company spokesperson to Outlook. The fact that Dream11 continues to operate despite the ban has definitely drawn the ire of other operators who had to shut shop in Bengaluru.

The controversial law has drawn rebukes from various organisations ever since it was tabled. The Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS), the industry body for fantasy sports controlled by Dream11, had highlighted that it creates confusion and uncertainty for legitimate online fantasy sports businesses while the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), the powerful trade body, representing eight crore traders and over 40,000 trade associations had expressed concerns about its implications.