Poker Sports League is back with season 4 in phygital format

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Poker Sports League (PSL) Season 4 is out in a new avatar – Phygital. With the pragmatic proliferation of integrated technology in the gaming sector, this season’s PSL is touted to be larger and more exciting than before. 

India’s first-ever poker league – PSL’s online qualifiers begin from November 25th and the league will go on for two months with 2-3 matches per week hosted virtually. The season finale will be hosted live on-ground from February 7th -13th, 2022 first time ever since the pandemic. 

Riding high on the gaming spirit, the tournament will give a chance to the players to represent their state and open avenues for budding players in the mind sports category. The participants, if selected, will get a coveted opportunity of practicing and improving their game with the best in the country, while they prepare for the qualifiers. All one needs to do is download Hashtag Poker and learn the basics for free. 

The Indian online gaming industry is at the cusp of transformation, looking at a growth trajectory of over US$3.9 billion in 2025 according to KPMG. This robust growth has fostered and led to improved social skills, decision-making skills, improved brain function, development of key skills, and memory enhancement for the players.

Adopting newer technologies like Phygital is a testament to this growth as the game developers and publishers, have a direct interest in being present in a multi-dimensional ecosystem where all aspects are interconnected. 

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Mr. Pranav Bagai, CEO and Founder, Poker Sports League announcing the season said “The gaming sector is opening up newer avenues and ways where amateur players can learn and get coached with the best in the field. We are thrilled to see the confluence of technological integration in the sector as it becomes a rewarding experience in every aspect of life. Having said that, we’ve had an excellent response in the last season and we’re excited to present our flagship product, Poker Sports League in a Phygital format this year. The poker fans can now look forward to a slew of interesting challenges ahead of them.”

Want to play PSL? Here’s how you can go about it

  • PSL Season 4 qualifiers will see a total of 15 matches where each participant will get a chance to play a maximum of 6 matches. 5 spots in a team are for amateur players. They simply need to play 6 of the 15 free “qualifiers” running from Nov 25th to Dec 9th. 
  • Out of all the participants, the top 180 participants will make it to the draft, then there will be a seperate 3 days series of qualifier finals where from these 180 qualifiers top 30 will get a confirm seat in PSL team and then the team owners will bid for their respective teams. A total of 6 teams with 11 players each will compete against each other for a prize payout of INR 2cr+. 
  • This edition of PSL will see each team with 6 players from qualifiers including a substitute. Moreover, with the rising interest of women for the sport, there is a separate category for women ensuring their participation. 

Keeping in line with the concept of PSL season 4, every participant who makes it to the team will get remunerated and get a success fee from the prize pool in case their team wins. Mr. Bagai further adds, “We are thrilled to have 6 teams playing this year and anyone who knows the basics of poker – can play a series of online poker games to secure a spot in this India-wide poker league. This season promises to be a fun-filled experience. From unique poker challenges to rewarding cash prizes, we have it all. We are excited and looking forward to seeing how the season unfolds as the players find their team camaraderie, dwell on the sportsman spirit and soak in all the glamour and flair of the finale.”

In line with the concept of Poker Sports League’s Season 4, the league will be played online on the company’s proprietary application – Hashtag Poker and will be streamed online on its OTT platform.

Mind Sports League has built a unique ecosystem with its three entities – Hashtag Poker, Hashtag Productions, and Poker Sports League and introduced tournaments, video poker and at the same time allows the players to create their own private tables, and play with their friends and family, for free on the platform.