Spartan Poker releases two new campaigns ahead of 15th India Online Poker Championship

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Popular online gaming platform Spartan Poker have released two new brand campaigns under #JoinThePokerEvolution with actor Ishwak Singh and #EvolveWithSpartanPoker.

Telling how poker has been an essential part of history, the campaign adds a fun twist to Newton discovering gravity, but this time, instead of an apple, poker cards fell from his hands, and thus gravity is discovered.

The new campaigns came ahead of their 15th edition of the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC), featuring a prize pool of Rs 47 crore. Spartan Poker, BlitzPoker, PokerHigh, PokerDaddy, and Myteam11 host the tournament.

As of now, the championship is currently ongoing on with 142 tournaments and will conclude on 18 June. Several participants will compete with each other for a chance to win a gold crown made of 18-carat gold and 0.6-carat diamonds.

The 14th edition of IOPC also saw a record-breaking prize distribution of Rs 48 crore, which at that time broke the previous record. Aditya Agarwal, winner of the 14th edition, took home Rs 57 lakh in prize money and the golden crown. Second place went to Arsh Grover, who took Rs 48 lakh as prize money.

Around 5600 players participated in the previous championship, and the company is expecting to break that record, too, in the ongoing IOPC. The theme for this event is called Jashn-e-poker, celebrating the poker community with Spartan Poker’s flagship event.

Out of these 5600 people, it was revealed that over 500 took home prize money ranging in lakhs, and over 100 people became millionaire. With regular iteration of the championship, the company is keeping the poker community strong.