Governor returning online gambling ban bill was wrong: Tamil actor Sarathkumar

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R Sarathkumar, actor and president of the All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi, has commented on Governor RN Ravi returning the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling & Regulation of Online Games Bill, 2022, saying it was a wrong move.

On the matter of him appearing in online rummy advertisements he said that he is not the only one starring in them and it is not illegal to do so. He went on to say that the state government should take appropriate measures and put an end to gambling.

Sarathkumar has been heavily criticized by the public for appearing in online rummy advertisements previously. The actor, who is usually known for promoting a healthy lifestyle, received backlash after his online rummy advertisements came out while the calls for ban on such games were growing in the state.

During a hunger strike in December last year, regarding a certain online rummy advertisement, Sarathkumar had clarified that it was recorded long before online rummy was banned in the state. He added that it was not his fault that the company released the advertisement after two years from shooting it.

“I did not act in online rummy advertisement after Tamil Nadu government enacted Ordinance. The commercial that was aired two years ago is now being aired,” he had said.

The actor had further said while defending himself, “Are they playing rummy only because Sarathkumar told them to? If so, I ask you to vote. But people don’t vote.”

He had also claimed earlier what he has claimed recently that he was not the only one promoting the online rummy apps and appearing in the commercials was not illegal.

“I am not alone in the online rummy promotion. Shah Rukh Khan and Dhoni are all acting. Playing Rummy is an intellectual game. Knowledge is required to play rummy,” the actor had said.