Krafton India releases miniseries ‘Double Trouble In Erangel’ to promote BGMI

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) by Krafton India is arguably the most popular Battle Royale game in India with over 100 million downloads. The game made a huge comeback after over a year-long ban by the government.

Most recently, it has released an eight-episode miniseries called “Double Trouble In Erangel” on YouTube. The episodes are short and feature several references to the game as part of brand promotion.

The series has been created by a New Delhi-based studio called Rusk Studios. That is not all as another teaser for what looks like another miniseries has been released on the official BGMI channel and is expected to air soon.

This trend started with “India ki Heartbeat” which was released when the game was unbanned earlier this year, featuring stories from gamers, both casual and professional, talking about their journeys with BGMI and how it changed their lives. Apart from this, the developers are also promoting responsible gaming along with celebrity promotions on a regular basis.

Krafton India is seemingly making use of the time when real money gaming companies are facing increased burden of taxes, which is giving the video game industry a chance to double their efforts in further expanding their influence.

BGMI was initially released as PUBG globally, however, it was banned in India. Later, Krafton developed a separate version of the game for the Indian audience which became BGMI. It quickly became popular, unfortunately, it was banned again until May of this year.

Despite the recent partnerships and promotions with celebrities along with content drops and multiple documentaries, the company seems to believe that there is still room for improvement and scope to gain even more attention of gamers across the country.