S8UL and FS Esports to represent India in Pokémon UNITE World Championship 2023

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The grand finale for Pokémon UNITE India Championship wrapped up yesterday (4 June) with Team S8UL taking securing first position between 13 others. FS Esports, while not being able to beat S8UL, also performed really well throughout despite being the underdog and secured the second position.

S8UL’s performance throughout the tournament remained phenomenal with the team only dropping in a single match for which they were sent to the lower bracket, where they converted all the remaining matches in back-to-back wins. FS esports on the other hand surprised the audience with not a single loss before reaching the Finals against S8UL.

As reported by Sportskeeda, both S8UL and FS Esports will now be representing Indian in the upcoming Pokémon UNITE World Championship in August in Yokohama, Tokyo. The world championship will be featuring a prize pool of $500,000 with 32 teams battling out for the first prize.

The players representing S8UL include AllMight, Badshah, Snowyy, Kyurem and ReX with Reapy as substitute player. On the other side, FS Esports roster consists of Rook, BLAIR, Berserk, Scare? and Pardesi with FrOst2Op as the substitute player.

One thing to note here is that the travel expense for only the regional champions will be covered by the tournament. This means that while S8UL’s travel and accommodation will be provided, FS Esports will have to cover the cost of their travel.

Another popular esports organization Orangutan Esports have also secured a spot in the UNITE World Championship in Tokyo through their Taiwan line-up consisting of ZzzRay, BKZ, ikura, Wushuan and Shingdi.