5 best gaming laptops under Rs 60,000 available in India in 2023

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While gaming on a PC does feel a lot comfortable and empowering, most of the gamers usually choose laptops because of their portability and similar performance at almost the same price. It also takes up much less space in a room and can be easily carried to a LAN party organized by your friends.

Laptops are also much more power efficient and have one of the biggest advantages of being switched on in case of a power cut which can usually result in leaving a match abruptly and getting a temporary ban in the game. Worse, it can corrupt files on your PC.

While there are several options for premium gaming laptops, not everyone needs to start from there. For that reason, we have listed some budget gaming laptops for players looking for entry-level casual gaming or who are just starting out with their competitive gameplay.

Here are the 5 best gaming laptops under Rs 60,000 that you can buy in India in 2023 –

1. Asus Vivobook Gaming

Asus has been one of the most popular brands in the gaming space. The company has entered into the PC, mobile and laptop gaming with some great premium and budget products. The Vivobook is also one of the budget gaming/productivity laptops that we recommend to people who are just starting with gaming.

Featuring an Intel Core I5 9th Gen processor paired with GTX 1650, the laptop is a great option for people getting into competitive gaming or some light video games. The 1080p LED display offers a refresh rate of 144 Hz which is more than enough for modern competitive gaming.

The storage features a 256 GB SSD drive along with 1 TB HDD which is quite rare to see and gives people a chance to upgrade and have even more storage on the go. Players can have around four hours of battery life while gaming continuously.

Gamers can get their hands on the laptop here for Rs 51,490.