8bit Thug and MortaL launches ‘Learn Gaming’ course at Rs 499

Published on:

S8UL Esports and 8bit Creatives, founder and Partner Animesh ‘8bit Thug’ Agarwal, and gaming content creator, Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur, together to bring a gaming course, titled, Learn Gaming.

While talking about the gaming course, Mortal said (via AFK Gaming), “Basically we had just one idea, which came up when I was discussing with Thug that viewers on stream ask a lot of questions, but many of them are repeated several times. So, we decided to create a course, a place where all your questions will be answered.”

8bit Thug added, “The answers stored in one pace for lifetime, which is what the FrontRow gaming course is. This course will teach you everything and will also include several live classes.”

Subscribed users will have access to live session with 8bit Thug and Mortal and the live course includes various topics and here they are:

  • Why gaming?
  • Game mechanics and meta
  • Playing in a squad
  • Game skills and training
  • Growing YouTube channel
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Entering tournaments
  • Business of Esports

Each course is comprised of 21 lessons focusing on improving gaming skills, gaming content, gaming and esports entrepreneurship, and more. The course is priced at Rs. 999, but it is currently at 50per cent off and can be get at Rs. 499.