Deltin Royale launches ‘Day Gaming’ campaign to boost footfalls during monsoon

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Luxury gaming and entertainment company Deltin Royale has announced the launch of its ‘Day Gaming’ campaign for tourists and gaming enthusiasts in Goa.

Talking about the campaign, Anil Malani, CEO, Deltin, said, “Deltin has always had round-the-clock operations at all its casinos, but globally, people associate casino gaming with the evening hours. We, at Deltin, were the first to introduce luxury gaming to India, so we figured we may as well try to alter the general public’s impression of the industry where they believe casino gaming is best experienced only at night.”

“We are really excited to introduce the day gaming benefits at Deltin Royale, India’s leading gaming and entertainment destination, complete with enticing perks and the characteristic top-notch ‘Deltin’ experience,” Malani added.

The Day Gaming campaign represents the latest addition to a series of initiatives by Deltin Royale, Goa. The company stated that it has introduced a host of benefits to entice daytime gamers which include gaming packages with complimentary entry, buffet lunch spread and complimentary unlimited drinks and starters. There are daytime lucky draws where a guest can win up to Rs 1 lakh guaranteed every day between 9am to 5pm along with a complimentary drop to their hotel.

Adding more about the campaign, Arindam Basu, GM-Marketing, Deltin said, “The campaign’s goal is to get the message through to gaming enthusiasts and experience seekers in Goa that they can have just as much fun between the hours of 9am and 5pm, not just at night. Coming to Deltin Royale during the day is a terrific way to escape the heat, humidity, and rain that will be falling over Goa for the next three to four months.”

Running into the months of monsoon, the company believes that the campaign is also expected to boost tourism in Goa and offer tourists a place to relax and chill during daytime when most of the beachside and outdoor experiences in Goa remain out of bounds for tourists.