Dubai based Thiruvananthapuram Man wins Rs 10 crore first prize in online lottery

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In a rags-to-riches story in Dubai, a man hailing from Kerala has won the first prize in an online lottery, amounting to 50 lakh dirham (Rs 10 crores in Indian currency). A native of Thiruvananthapuram, Shanavaz’s fortunes turned overnight after the number series 7, 9, 17, 19, and 21 made him the winner of an unprecedented amount in the Lottery.

Shanavaz arrived at the shores of UAE 15 years ago and has been working diligently in the Gulf nation since leaving his native place. He has been indulging in online lotteries for the last 18 months in the hopes of turning his life around and winning the jackpot, which finally came true as the stars aligned in his favor.

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The fortuitous win has left the Thiruvananthapuram man, quite expectedly, elated, who revealed that he had debts on his head and will use the money to repay the loans initially and then use the remaining amount to invest in business projects in Dubai in an attempt to transform his livelihood.

Shanavaz isn’t the only person to win big in the lottery as a Filipino named Nelson, also claimed the first prize of 50 lakh Dirham. This is the first instance of two people grabbing the first prize at the lottery simultaneously.

Earlier last year, Renjith Somarajan, hailing from Kerala’s Kollam district, had a similar slice of luck as he won a whopping 20 million dirham or approximately Rs 40 crores in Indian currency. Somarajan, a man of faith, left Kerala in 2008 and had been working as a Taxi driver in Dubai since arriving in the country to support his family, but after a decade of turbulent times, his life changed instantly.

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“But while I was driving to the vegetable market, something stirred my mind. I returned to the mosque. And believe it or not, my ticket number was called out. My eight-year-old son, who was following the event live, screamed in joy,” Somarajan had said after winning the monumental lottery prize.