Game streaming platform Twitch bans WWE Superstar Paige for violating guidelines

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WWE Superstar Paige has been banned by game streaming platform Twitch. Paige was streaming watch with me content with Jim Carrey’s popular film “Dumb and Dumber”, exactly then the stream halted all of a sudden. Currently when click on Paige’s Twitch channel, it reads: “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.”

Earlier Paige had streamed 1986 movie Labyrinth but the platform did not ban her then, however, while streaming Dumb and Dumber she was banned. A  micro blogging site Twitter’s  popular page Streamer bans posted the information on their official page.

It is true that streamers can host Watch parties with Amazon Prime, since Amazon owns Twitch, but the movie with which she hosted the watch party for was not meant for Amazon Prime watch parties therefore some external IP rights holder filed a DMCA which resulted a ban of the user.  A user tweeted that-

Paige has been streaming on Twitch since 2020 who factually she became one of the top wrestling personality on Twitch. As per Twitch records a ban may last for 30 days , however if there is a record of repeated suspension on an account then Twitch has the power to remove from the platform, indefinitely. As it is the very first violation by WWE Superstar, therefore, it is expected that she will be back in action the platform, soon. So far she didnot reveal anything about ban on her social media account like how she is doing, what is here plan next or any other update.

As per her records she has been seriously addicted to this Twitch platform which has allowed her to interact , to react, to communicate with her fans, every now and then. So, it is obvious that personality like her will not take this ban lightly. The 28-year-old star was forced to retire from pro wrestling in 2018 after she suffered with a career-ending neck injury. Post three years completion of her sobriety last month she found herself at a better state both emotionally and physically, thanks to her fans and her boyfriend.