Gaming addiction causes behavioural changes: Lucknow Uni Experts

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Recently, a study was conducted by experts at Social Works Department of the Lucknow University along with skill-gaming company Head Digital Works. It revealed that addiction to online gaming may lead to behavioural changes in both children and adults.

The change, as per the study, may range between getting annoyed over small things and losing interest in day-to-day activities. Dr. P.K. Khatri, a clinical psychologist, advised taking a counsellor’s help to get rid of the addiction.

“If anyone around you shows such symptoms, then do not hesitate to get help from a counsellor,” Dr Khatri said.

Khatri also believes that most people do not readily accept addiction or refrain from any solution for the same. However, he warned that all the youngsters, especially students who like online gaming, should do so, but responsibly.

Many others also gave advice on the matter, including Rohit Chauhan from Head Digital Works said, “Responsible gaming ensures playing online games that have a Random Number Generator (RNG) certificate. Those who have these certificates ensure that outcomes of such games are truly random and not biased towards any particular player or group of players,” as per The Hans India.

Cover cameras while playing for ensuring privacy, says cyber expert Chiranjeevi Nath Sinha

Adding to the topic, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, and Cyber expert Chiranjeevi Nath Sinha advised gamers to be aware of getting blackmailed while playing online games. “All presenters should cover cameras of their mobile or laptop while playing games online since everything is being recorded today,” he said.

Sinha said that it can prevent identity theft and blackmail of any sorts. It is now possible to digitally alter images and dupe others asking for bribes and other information, Sinha added.

Senior VP at Head Digital Works, Siddharth Sharma also gave advice on the matter saying, “Online gaming is like sweets that taste great, but having it every day will make you unhealthy. Online gaming should not change your way of life, it is only a part of life.”