Goa: Offshore casino Big Daddy denies links with Chikoti Praveen

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Goa-based offshore casino Big Daddy has denied having any connections with casino organizer Chikoti Praveen. According to some media reports, Praveen allegedly managed an entire floor of Big Daddy Casino, but a company official has quashed the rumours now.

“We would like to clarify that Mr Chikoti Praveen Kumar is not associated with Big Daddy Casino in any capacity,” the representative said as quoted by IAG.

“Recent claims suggesting a connection between Mr Chikoti Praveen Kumar and our organization are false and without merit. Big Daddy Casino maintains a reputation for transparent operations and ethical practices, and we categorically refute any association with Mr Chikoti Praveen Kumar in terms of investment, ownership, management, or any other business-related aspect,” the representative added.

Praveen was recently arrested in Thailand for hosting an underground casino in a hotel along with 82 other people from India. A local court, however, granted them bail along with a fine of around Rs 10,000 each. Subsequently, they were all deported them back to India.

After reaching India, Praveen and few others were summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) regarding the Thailand arrest and possible tax violations under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). He was interrogated for seven hours on May 15.

Praveen is also being investigated by the Income Tax department in relation to a Range Rover vehicle costing around Rs 2.85 crore which is alleged to have been acquired through Benami transactions.

Speaking to the media recently, Praveen said that he did not organize the casino in Thailand but was just visiting as a player after someone claimed that the casino was legal. Regarding the Land Rover vehicle, he said that the car belonged to his friend who is letting him use it.