Haryana: Online gaming addicts being treated at Rohtak’s drug-dependence centre

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Rohtak’s state drug-dependence treatment centre (SDDTC) is now also treating gambling addicts along with drug addicts that are admitted to the institute. Four people were recently admitted for treatment after they lost huge sums of money on gambling.

The patients are denied usage of mobile phones and access to their bank accounts or any other source of money as part of the initial treatment. Moving forward, they also receive medical treatment in addition to therapy, which continues for three months.

“It is a behavioural issue and after evaluating and identifying the problem, we start treatment that includes counselling and medication,” Assistant professor at SDDTC, Sidharth Arya said, as per The Times of India.

“We recently received four such cases who had already lost a massive amount of money in online gambling and betting. They were brought here by their family members. In one case, a person himself came for treatment,” he added.

Additionally, specialists at the facility are confident that numerous people suffer from an addiction to internet gambling, but most of the addicts are unaware of their condition and thus don’t seek help from anyone.

Gambling addiction leading to mental conditions among youth

Gambling addicting cases are rising as one major problems in recent days. News regarding people being affected in gambling incidents are coming from different states on a regular basis.

Most of the people are looking for a way to earn huge amounts of profits and end up losing everything they have saved up. Some even go to the length of borrowing from friends and family or take bank loans to gamble, and unable to pay them back, addicts often end up in severe mental stress and sometimes, even end up losing their lives.

Furthermore, Several cases of suicides have also occurred in Tamil Nadu due to gambling, which prompted the state government to pass a bill banning all form of online games in the state that involved money.