India Game Developer Conference to host 15th edition in Hyderabad

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The 15th edition of India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) is set to be hosted at HICC, Madhapur, Hyderabad. The event, touted as South Asia’s largest conference for game developers, will be held from November 2 to 4.

Last year, the IGDC was hosted after two long years of wait due to Covid-19 pandemic. To everyone’s surprise people were eagerly waiting to attend the event which saw over 4,000 people including game developers, publishers, investors, and gaming enthusiasts.

This year, the IGDC will also feature Build Your Own Game (BYOG) jam, where developers will have to build a game in a specific timeframe. Other usual activities like game showcase, developer insight, game awards, etc. will also be a part of the event.

The awards will be distributed across 10 different categories. These include Mobile Game of the Year, PC / Console Game of the Year, Visual Art, Game Play, AR / VR Game of the Year, Indie Game of the Year, Student Game of the Year, Upcoming Game of the Year, Jury Award for Game with a Climate Change Theme, and Popular Choice Award.

The Indian gaming sector is currently dubbed as the second-largest market. Currently, there are 400 million+ gamers among 600 million smartphone users in the country. The market value is expected to reach $10 billion by 2028, as per Telangana Today.

IGDC to help small game developers, studios

People visiting the IGDC can also get insight on the game development, which can be crucial for those looking to get into the industry. Furthermore, they can also test out new prototype and concept games. This will help to provide necessary feedbacks to the developers for further improvement.

India Game Developer Conference will also enable the developers to showcase their game designs and ideas for potential investment. With more funding, small game development studios can also create some great games.

The recent GST changes do not affect the video game industry, including both casual games and esports. The developers can take advantage of the situation to rope in good investments for their gaming projects.