Mumbai Police arrested 50 in a raid on Matka gambling

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In a targeted operation, Mumbai Police’s crime branch successfully dismantled a Matka gambling den located near a central Mumbai bar, resulting in the arrest of 50 individuals. Matka gambling, also known as satta, involves a lottery-style game based on random number selection and betting.

The crackdown unfolded after the police received information about ongoing satta activities within a shed near a bar in the Bhoiwada area. Acting swiftly, a senior crime branch officer reached the location and took decisive action. The shed was sealed from the outside, and additional personnel were called in for support.

As per PTI, reported that despite a few individuals evading capture, law enforcement arrested two managers, two cashiers, 16 writers, and 30 customers during the operation. Authorities also seized a substantial amount of evidence, including Rs 3.76 lakh in cash and other related materials.

In response to the incident, a case has been registered at the Bhoiwada police station, and an extensive investigation is currently underway to unveil the full extent of the illicit activities. The raid reflects Mumbai Police’s commitment to curbing illegal gambling operations and maintaining law and order in the city.