Nagpur: Police investigation reveals Sontu’s link with Wolf777 mastermind Rakesh Rajdev

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Recent revelations in the Anant Navratan Jain alias Sontu Jain fraud case has brought up police interest on Rakesh Rajdev. Also known as RR, Rajdev is a fugitive from India who is the owner of illegal betting apps Wolf777 & DiamondExchange and is said to have links with the underworld.

Rajdev is reportedly hiding in either Dubai or London, and is believed to have political connections in India. As of now, Delhi special cell, Rajasthan police, and Nagpur police are all on the lookout for him.

Sontu was operating DiamondExchange after taking its franchise and has duped several individuals of crores of rupees. His most recent scam came to light in July when he duped a 50-year-old Nagpur businessman of Rs 58 crore following which he left the country.

Upon his return, the police arrested and interrogated him for over nine hours. As per information he was booked after his friend-turned-foe Vikrant Agrawal filed a complaint against him.

Agrawal also registered a complaint against Sontu’s sister Astha, her brother-in-law Vinay and their friend Ruby Jain who were allegedly forcing him to withdraw the case against Sontu.

Rajdev, whose betting network Sontu utilized to dupe people, is also an operator of several hawala channels. Both of them can be booked under the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act, an official aware of the matter told The Times of India.

The police also revealed that Rajdev usually sponsors T20 cricket tournaments in the country and lures in people to his betting platform, promising hefty returns on bets. However, the software coding of the betting app does not allow anyone to win big amounts.

Police uncover hawala transactions worth Rs 11.80 crore

During a recent raid in Nagpur the police unearthed hawala transactions worth Rs 11.80 crore. The raid took place after the police were informed about a man connected to online gaming fraud.

During the raid, the police found several links to Sontu Jain in connection with the hawala transactions. The residence belonged to Anwesh alias Awkash Jain who lived in Shanti Nagar.