NCPCR demands inquiry against Fortnite and Discord for alleged religious conversion

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Looking into the recent arrest from a conversion racket case using online games, the apex child rights’ organization, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has asked the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) to conduct investigation on online game Fortnite and social community platform Discord.

NCPCR chairperson, Priyank Kanoongo in a letter to MeitY said, “A caretaker of a mosque in Ghaziabad and a man from Mumbai were involved in religious conversion of a minor boy through an online gaming platform Fortnite,” according to PTI.

“The minor boy was lured into conversation through the said gaming platform, Fortnite and then brainwashed into religious conversion over another social platform, Discord,” the letter claimed.

NCPCR believes that the popular game and social platforms were allegedly used for religious conversion of a minor boy. Ghaziabad police recently arrested an individual working as a member of mosque committee in Sanjay Nagar region.

Further investigation done by the police also revealed that the arrested individual, Abdul Rehman operated this racket for four years and have played a part in religious conversion of four minors.

The parents of kids started noticing changes in the behaviours of the kids and reported it to the police after several counsel sessions. After questioning the boy, the police found that he had been in contact with Rehman through a gaming app since 2021.

A response from MeitY is awaited by the NCPCR. However, the police has started looking into the matter and will be questioning other kids that were also lured in religious conversion by Rahman.