Reports: Amazon Prime Gaming for PC to launch in India soon

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According to reports, Amazon Prime Gaming will soon provide PC games and in-game rewards in India. After launching Prime Gaming in 2020, Amazon India exclusively offered bonus in-game products for mobile games.

With the exception of India, Prime Gaming is already available in many parts of the world. Amazon Prime members get access to PC games and in-game rewards from Prime Gaming at no extra cost.

The introduction of Amazon Prime Gaming in India will be fantastic for PC gaming. Gamers have been asking for the service for more than a year now as most of the people have Prime subscriptions but are not able to enjoy game offerings.

Despite the fact that Amazon India hasn’t made any formal announcements yet, it appears the company is set to introduce Prime Gaming soon. The announcement was made by a gaming industry insider named Rishi Alwani.

On the official Amazon India website a new poster can be seen announcing “Prime Gaming now in India” but when following the banner link it takes users to the website of Prime Gaming where it says the service is not available in your country.

After seeing the new banner, users are now excited and looking forward to the official announcement by Amazon India soon or at the beginning of next year. Dates or official announcements have not yet been made by Amazon.

Prime Gaming, including for PC, is going to give a huge advantage and boost for India’s gaming population. A large number of people do not buy video games but they usually have Amazon Prime subscriptions.

With Prime Gaming, people will be able to experience different genres of games that they do not play that much. Through this, India can achieve even more growth in the gaming market in future as noted by various analysts.