Nicholas Pooran endorses banned website Parimatch India with impunity despite govt crackdown

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The rise of illegal offshore betting platforms continues, with celebrities increasingly lending their names to these operations in an attempt to lure unsuspecting individuals into the world of online gambling. The latest figure to join this trend is West Indies cricketer Nicholas Pooran, who has become the face of the banned betting website Parimatch India.

Pooran, a prominent figure in the international cricket scene, has signed on with Parimatch India in a move that aims to strengthen the platform’s visibility and attract more users, despite the government’s ongoing steps on such illegal activities. Despite efforts by regulatory authorities to restrain the influence of these platforms, individuals like Pooran are seemingly operating with such websites.

Parimatch India, like its counterparts, faces constant domain blocks initiated by government authorities. But the website finds ways to avoid these rules, sometimes by changing its web address often so people can still use it.The partnership with Pooran serves as yet another attempt to avoid regulatory measures and expand its user base.

Regulatory bodies are paying more attention to these kinds of endorsements, especially as the government tries to create rules for online gaming and stop illegal betting websites from operating.

Parimatch India has also ventured into the world of surrogate marketing by launching its own sportswear brand, Parimatch Sports. This action lets the platform advertise its services as if they were real products, avoiding government rules against directly promoting them.

The platform has also enlisted the support of Indian cricketer Shivam Dube and Dinesh Karthik to target younger demographics and strengthen its promotional efforts. Despite warnings and advisories issued by regulatory bodies. While government agencies have issued multiple advisories urging media outlets and platforms to refrain from promoting illegal betting websites, enforcement actions against those involved have been minimal thus far.

The case of Nicholas Pooran’s endorsement of Parimatch India underscores the ongoing challenges faced by regulatory authorities in restricting the influence of illegal offshore betting platforms. As efforts to regulate online gaming intensify, it remains to be seen whether such high-profile endorsements will face greater scrutiny and accountability in the future.