Noida: Four caught by police for partaking in illegal gambling

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The police have detained four accused gamblers in Noida. After filing complaints against them under various statutes, including the Gambling Act, the police have arrested the four accused.

The Badalpur police station officers caught the four individuals on Thursday who were accused of partaking in illegal gambling. The four caught are identified as, Arjun, Jaipal, Rampal and Sachin.

Arjun is said to be a resident of Kallar Basti Chhapraula, Badlapur district, Gautam Budh Nagar while Rampal is from village Hardwara in Paror district Shahjahanpur, Badalpur. Jaipal is a resident of village Daulatpur, Wazirganj district and Sachin is a resident of house number 15, post office Chhapraula in Badlapur.

According to the police, a total of Rs 4,220 in cash and a set of playing cards were recovered from the gamblers during the bust.

Even after a week and half after Diwali the illegal gambling has been flourishing in several parts of the country. Similar cases have been reported and they have been occurring as part of Diwali celebrations.

Recently, the Rajasthan police have started picking up the pace in catching these illegal betting and gambling gangs that are using the festival to justify their illegal activities. On the other hand, a man in Jabalpur was also caught taking bets on cricket matches. The police came to know that a certain individual named Vikas Agarwal had been taking bets for a long time and they raided the location.

Meanwhile, there has been no progress in Assam as despite several complaints from the locals the police have not been able to formulate a successful plan of action against the gamblers.

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