Owners of illegal betting app Mahadev Book suspected to have ordered murder of Durg man

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In a recent turn of events, Om Prakash Sahu, a 41-year-old man in Durg district of Chhattisgarh, was kidnapped post which his wife received a ransom call on Wednesday, May 31. The same was immediately reported to the police, and that is when they began the investigation. While investigating the matter, police suspected it to be closely linked to fugitives and owners of Mahadev Book illegal betting app.

However, there weren’t any further calls being made and notably, the man was later found to have been murdered. When police further tried to trace the call, they found the phone to be already switched off and no further activity could be traced back to the caller. If the reports are to be believed, Durg Police SP Shalabh Sinha stated that Sahu was involved in a racket of illegal betting app Mahadev Book, reported The Times of India.

Later, Sahu’s dead body was found in a sack rope-tied to his own scooter in a pond located in Akroldih region of the district. Sinha went on to add that Sahu was seemingly murdered on the spot and ransom calls were made only to run against time and mislead the process of investigation. Upon further investigation into the matter, police found that the dead man owed around Rs 30–40 lakh to the Mahadev Book app operators in the illegal betting racket.

Suspects of this murder case are already under police custody, and allegations were made that around Rs 10 lakh was paid as a part of this contract killing by the fugitive owners and operators of Mahadev Book app.

This is not the first criminal case to have occurred under the betting racket of Mahadev Book app, as several cases have risen from the ground in the recent past. Countless cases of arrests, murders, and suicides have been surfacing across in the recent past, especially during the cricketing season in the country.

The owner of Mahadev Book Saurabh Chandrakar is known to run several illegal betting rackets, and is already under the radar of ED related to multiple cases of fraud and other criminal activities.