Punjab: High Court asks govt to respond over illegal lottery activities in state

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Regarding the recent petition filed in Punjab and Haryana High Court relating to lottery in Punjab, the Hon’ble HC has demanded response from Punjab’s state Govt. A notice regarding the same has also been issued to the Govt.

Lottery vendors, for the last couple of years, are constantly violating the Lotteries Regulation Act. According to Adv Bhanu Pratap Singh, this is done by selling paper lotteries online. Despite being aware of the situation, the department is silent, Singh said.

The advocate further also clarified that legally, the states can either provide online or offline paper lotteries, but not together. Addressing the severity of the situation, Justice Jasjit Singh Bedi of Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the state government to provide their response in the matter.

As per India Posts English, the lottery operators are selling lotteries to Future Gaming Company. The company, in turn, is selling lotteries from other states online through social media platforms. These lotteries can also be purchased through Google Pay and the money is deposited into Future Gaming’s bank account.

Lottery King Santiago Martin owns Future Gaming Company

It is worth mentioning that the company is owned by lottery king Santiago Martin. Subsequently, Enforcement Directorate (ED) is already investigating Martin under money laundering allegations. Thus, Singh has urged the court to file an FIR against Martin and his company.

He has also sought a senior police offer to investigate the matter. It is believed that the lottery operators are in a state of panic as their scam is about to get revealed.

Due to these illegal activities, the revenue from lotteries for the Punjab government have also reduced significantly. Where states like Kerala are generating massive revenues from lottery operations, Punjab’s revenue is questionable despite the volume.