Raipur: Police expose 500 fake bank accounts linked to Mahadev Book illegal app

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Raipur police on Sunday, August 13, saw another success in their probe against Mahadev Book illegal betting app. The police, in their latest investigation, have exposed over 500 fake bank accounts used for money laundering.

Reportedly, illegal bets using Mahadev Book app were being placed using all of these bank accounts. The police have sent notices to the banks regarding these accounts and is tracking more accounts for possible connection.

The revelation of these fake accounts comes after the recent arrest of 11 bookies taking illegal bets that were caught Gudhiyari Police Station area. As per Haribhoomi, four of these arrested individuals belong to Maharashtra, while one hails from Uttar Pradesh.

During the raid where these individuals were arrested, the police seized multiple records containing transaction done by these bookies. People from these groups used to either dupe people to open a bank accounts in their names or lure them with incentives.

The police have discovered links for their operations of Mahadev Book reaching as far as Maharashtra. One of the arrested individuals named Ayush Jain used to recruit new people.

Police suspect bank management for possible involvement

Furthermore, the police is also looking into the bank management for possible involvement. This has happened as the management failed to recognize transactions worth crores of rupees from fairly new bank accounts. The police have also asked for all the transactions for all the bank accounts under investigation.

Prior to this incident, Raipur police also booked another group of individuals. This group used to also used the same trick to open fake bank accounts and take illegal bets on ongoing sports events using Mahadev Book app.

The police seized Rs 14.5 lakh from their hideout during the raid along with 21 mobiles, several bank passbooks and cheque books, and laptops. The police also discovered transactions worth crores linked to Mahadev Book from these fake bank accounts.