Taiwanese gaming equipment company Vertux enters Indian market

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Taiwanese gaming accessory maker Vertux has now entered the Indian market with their wide variety of gaming peripherals including keyboards, headphones, mice, mousepads, and other accessories.

In a growing market where gamers are looking for ways to try out their hand in the video gaming sector, the company has announced that they will be bringing affordable gaming equipment to the market that will match up to everyone’s preferences.

The company also believes that the fast-growing gaming industry will also help them cash in, given the range of budget gaming products. “With the gaming sector experiencing substantial growth in player engagement and revenue, Vertux’s cutting-edge products aim to elevate the gaming experience, enhancing performance both at home and in competitive tournaments,” the official release stated.

Vertux sees this as an absolute win-win situation for both parties as it will serve as a partnership with another country when it comes to expanding their global presence, while gamers will get quality gaming products at a budget prices.

As per the latest EY report, the gaming sector in India reached Rs 16,428 crore in FY23 and is expected to touch Rs 33,243 crore by FY28 at a 15% CAGR.

Head of Sales India at Vertux, in his statement, said, “India’s gaming sector is witnessing rapid growth, with nearly 500 million individual gamers. Vertux recognises this as an opportune moment to bring its robust portfolio of gaming devices to the Indian market. What sets Vertux Gaming apart is our diverse product range, providing gamers with the freedom to design their ideal gaming experience.”

The company currently has presence across 50 countries and is well-known for creating day-to-day equipment for gamers.