Tamil Nadu: Online Gaming Ban Act notified in the gazette

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Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin yesterday announced that the bill banning online gaming in the state will be gazetted the same day, following which the law will come into immediate effect. The decision was taken immediately after Governor RN Ravi approved the bill that was sent to him for the second time.

The new law states that any form of advertisement for online games or playing online game of chance that requires stakes in the form of money is strictly prohibited in the state. Rummy and Poker were listed specifically as game of chance.

A year in prison and a fine that can can reach up to Rs 5 lakh, or both, are possible penalties for those who violate the law on advertising, promoting or trying to persuade individuals to participate in online gambling.

The law also states that any person found engaging in online gambling or games of chance games can be fined up to Rs 5000 and three months of jail time. While anyone who provides these services can be fined Rs 10 lakh and three years of jail time or both.

The decision to ban online gaming of any for in the state was taken after news of several people losing money on these games and going into debts started surfacing. Many alleged that numerous people have committed suicide after losing money, especially playing online rummy.

Earlier in 2022, the state government passed an ordinance to ban online gaming in the state, which was subsequently turned in to a bill in the legislative assembly. While the Governor promulgated the ordinance, he did not give his assent to the bill.

After more than four months, the Governor returned the bill, which spared a lot of controversies. The bill was later re-enacted and sent back to the Governor and under Section 200 of the constitution, the Governor had to give his assent.