Hrithik Roshan joins Games24x7 in a campaign for secure online gaming in India

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The year 2023 marked a significant period for the online gaming sector in India, bringing increased clarity for legitimate domestic gaming platforms. This development paves the way for realizing their growth potential, contributing to India’s digital economy, and shaping innovation in this technology-driven entertainment format. Simultaneously, it underscores the importance of highlighting the benefits of engaging with authentic skill gaming platforms, dispelling myths, and fostering awareness for informed decision-making.

Games24x7, a leading online gaming company, has revealed the “Khelo Befikar, Jeeto RummyCircle Par” campaign on its RummyCircle platform. This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to promoting user safety and responsible gaming in the online skill-gaming space.

The “Khelo Befikar, Jeeto RummyCircle Par” campaign is designed to educate players on the advantages of using a legitimate gaming platform while addressing common user concerns. Featuring Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, the campaign presents information on key features of compliant and self-regulated platforms, including data safety, secure transactions, and certification against the use of bots.

The campaign, available in Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil, will be launched nationwide, ensuring a broader reach and resonance with players from diverse geographies and linguistic backgrounds.

The platform follows the guidelines established by the E-Gaming Federation, emphasizing fair play and ethical gaming practices. It prioritizes the protection of user data and implements specific measures to ensure a secure gaming environment, incorporating digital security and anti-fraud tools.