India defeat Pakistan and Bangladesh to secure a spot in 14th World Esports Championship in CS:GO

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The 14th World Esports Championship is set to take place in Bali, Indonesia, from Nov 29 – Dec 12, 2022, and the players representing India have secured a spot there.

The CS:GO team consists of :
Ritesh Sarda (Defaulter)
Shuvajyoti Chakraborty (Mcg1LLzZz)
Anshul Adardkar (KiiLSwitCh)
Hrishikesh Shenoy (Crazy_Gamer)
Harsh Jain (lynX)

The team defeated Pakistan and Bangladesh players with a 2-0 clean sweep in both semi-finals and finals, respectively. The coordination between the players this year was so good and improved that they did not even let opponent teams reach double digits in round scores. “The team was simply too good for the opposition regarding their skills, strategies and coordination. Everyone at ESFI wishes them the best of luck for the grand tournament,” said the Director of ESFI, Lokesh Suji.

WE Championship is one of the most prestigious events where top athletes from over 120 countries participate to compete in different competitive titles like – CS:GO, eFootball, Tekken, DOTA2 and recently added mobile games like PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang starting this year. It has staged the WE Championships every year since 2009 and remains the sole international Esports event where athletes represent their countries. With a prize pool of 500,000 USD, the competition is very fierce.

Apart from CS:GO, two more individual players secured a spot in the 14th WE Championship this year. Famous efootball pro-Hitesh Kommu (peshemak7) and we know Tekken 7 player Hitesh Khorwal (rcool) both have secured their places in the championship by winning National Esports Championships (NESC) 2022, conducted by ESFI.

The Indian esports community has been advancing yearly and proving itself one of the best out there. Earlier this year, our Indian DOTA 2 team secured a bronze medal in the commonwealth esports championship and many talented teams.

There are also Asian games 2022 scheduled in Hangzhou, China, set to take place from Sep 23 – Oct 10, 2023, and everyone hopes India performs to the best of its ability in their respective games once again.