Krafton disqualifies more teams from BGIS 2023 Qualifiers

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The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 qualifiers saw many teams participating. The teams eyed a chance to enter the big leagues and make a name after the game made a comeback.

Sadly, there are plenty of teams that used unorthodox methods to achieve their goals. As per the official announcement from Krafton, the cheat teams are disqualified under sections 4.1 and 6.2.4 of the BGIS rulebook.

Over 2,000 teams participated in the BGIS qualifier first round, with 512 teams moving on to the second round. Out of these, 54 were disqualified under the aforementioned sections.

Section 4.1 in the rulebook is related to player equipment, while section 6.2.4 is for ringing. Using external equipment in the game is prohibited. This ranges from using third party equipments like triggers or controllers. Ringing is to let other people play on someone else’s account, which is also not allowed.

Following up, Krafton revealed 27 more teams that were banned for violating several rules from its rulebook. The reason however was not mentioned, so people are left assuming that they also did something similar to the disqualified teams.

A few of the disqualified teams also made it pretty high up on the leaderboard and qualified for the third round of BGIS. With this, other teams that performed well but were disqualified will have a chance to prove themselves.

Day one also saw similar disqualifications, with the number reaching over 100. While cheating in any form looks like an easy way to the top, sooner or later they get caught.

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