PUBG’s latest patch adds Recall mode and Clan system

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PUBG PC recently released their latest update adding various gameplay changes to keep the game updated with current preference of gameplay style among Battle Royale games.

The biggest change in the update is the ability to revive your fallen teammates. For this, the developers have added a Recall system, similar to Apex Legends and PUBG Mobile. This Blue chip in this system is obtained from the death box of your teammates.

Players will need to take the chip from death boxes in order to revive others and take it to a Blue Chip Tower. This adds another way for players to enjoy the game as many times a squad hot drops and emerges victorious only with few members surviving. This system aims to give players another chance rather than spectate for the rest of the game.

The Recall feature improves on the ‘Comeback BR’ mode where players are sent to a different arena for a chance to respawn. Comeback BR mode is still available according to the devs, but only in smaller maps where the average match length is very short.

Another feature included in the patch is related to the downed condition during a firefight. The players in PUBG are not out of the game with full HP loss during a fight in duo or squad mode. Instead, they are reduced to downed state for sometime before completely dying out.

Still, a player cannot stay in down state too long as they will bleed out and needs to be revived by a teammate. For this, the devs have changed the bleed out rate and reduced it when not moving during the down state which give teammates more time to revive.

Other quality of life update include a ‘Clan’ system where friends or players for extra in-game currency boost while also socializing with other players and have a clan tag. Players can also level up a clan for more rewards and are hoping to have clan ranking in the future.

PUBGs executive producer, Taeseok Jang said, “We have introduced the clan system starting with the 23.2 test server update to foster a sense of belonging and ultimately heightening player satisfaction.”

The developers have also improved the marker location for vehicles you use to make it easier to locate again on the map.