Global Esports facing visa issues for bootcamp in South Korea, exploring other options

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Rushindra Sinha, the founder and CEO of Global Esports, spoke on December 2 about some of the difficulties his Valorant team was experiencing.

The professional Valorant players of Global Esports are having problems obtaining visas for South Korea, and the company is currently exploring alternative, more suitable bootcamp choices, according to Sinha. Post that, he addressed the audience, answered their queries, and discussed Global Esports’ upcoming plans.

Riot Games revealed the 30 teams taking part in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 in September. Only one South Asian/Indian team, Global Esports, has earned a spot on this list as a Valorant franchise.

After revealing the news about VCT, Sinha disclosed that the group had anticipated moving to its South Korean bootcamp by early December in another statement at the beginning of November.

On December 2, Sinha said, “As of the last meeting, we have been told once we apply for the E-6 Visa, which is the Korean work visa, the players will not be able to leave the country for six to eight weeks. It is similar to the USA’s (United State America) work visa H1B. Once you are done with stamping, you can’t leave or enter the country.”

Following this, Sinha stated that due to the travel limitations, the group is looking into holding its bootcamp at a location that does not require a visa in order to make it simple for participants to travel to without concern.

So, as they train for the inaugural tournament in Brazil, athletes wouldn’t have to worry about a work visa or anything else. He also indicated that following the VCT 2023 Kick-Off Tournament in São Paulo, Brazil, the organization will probably relocate to its South Korean bootcamp.

Global Esports also recruited a former XSET pro player Jordan “AYRIN” to their roster in October for the upcoming VCT 2023. Ayrin will also act as the in-game leader (IGL) due to his experience and knowledge of playing previously as a pro.