Top 15 fantasy and RMG firms spent over Rs 5000 crore on adverts in FY22: Fintrackr

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Latest analysis from Fintrackr reveals that the top 15 real money and fantasy gaming apps in India have spent over Rs 5,000 crore on ads in FY22 with Dream11 spending the most. The analysis also reveals that seven out of the 15 companies are generating profits now.

The top five fantasy and real money gaming ad spending came from Dream11, Gameskraft, Games24x7, A23 and MPL. Gameskraft led the pack with a 120% increase in ad spending from Rs 209 crore to Rs 459 crore while Dream11 raised it by 72.8%, jumping from Rs 1,249 crore to Rs 2,158 crore.

MPL also spent 80% more on ad campaigns, increasing their spending from Rs 388 crore to Rs 700 crore. A23 raised their spending the least by 4% from Rs 530 crore to Rs 550 crore. On the other hand, Games24x7 reduced its ad spending by 10% from Rs 977 crore to Rs 877 crore, but still remained as the top five gaming firms in terms of revenue generation.

Most of these firms also saw an increase in profits compared to FY21. Both Dream11 and Gameskraft saw a 50% increase in their profits, totaling Rs 3,841 crore and Rs 2,112 crore respectively in FY22. MPL also saw a 29% increase, standing at Rs 500 crore while A23 and Games24x7 saw a slight dip, totaling Rs 722 crore and Rs 1169 crore respectively.

Image source – Fintrackr

The analysis also included other notable startups in the real money gaming space. These included Gameberry Labs which increased its ad spending by 113%. Other popular gaming platforms WinZO and PokerBaazi raised their spending by 553% and 187% respectively.

Startups such as Vision11 and Kubera Fantasy were not operational in FY21, however, in FY22 they spent Rs 8.8 crore and Rs 4 crore respectively on ads and generated Rs 10.6 crore and Rs 7.5 crore in revenue.

MyFab11, Fantasy Akhada and Howzat saw the highest increase in ad spending and revenue generation among the smaller firms. MyFab11 increased its spending by a whopping 2415%, Fantasy Akhada by 2279% and Howzat by 809%.

Apart from these, BatBall11 also increases its ad spending while generating 264% more revenue in FY22. Meanwhile, among the smaller startups MyTeam11 was the only firm to see a decline in both ad spending and revenue. Over 50% of these real money gaming firms were profitable in FY22.

Image source – Fintrackr

FY23 is also likely to see an increase in ad spending especially with the entry of several new real money and fantasy sports apps in the market. Few notable ones to watch out for are Ashneer Grover’s CrickPe and Trade Fantasy Game by Indian cricketer Deepak Chahar along with his wife Jaya Chahar.