G2G Expo 2022 – Day 1 Round-up

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The Day 1 of the G2G Expo 2022, India’s biggest gaming expo, witnessed several attendees and guest speakers gracing the event with various sessions taking place. The venue was brimming with energy and excitement with anticipation of the day’s events.

The event kicked off with a guest speech from CEO of All India Gaming Federation, Roland Landers, welcoming all the guests and expressing his views on the G2G Expo.

“Happy to be at the inaugural G2G Expo and are happy to partner with G2G. I look forward to contributing and learning from people in the direction we are headed. I would also like to congratulate G2G for hosting this expo and would like to welcome everyone and look forward to having lots of engaging conversations with everyone,” Landers said.

Following the welcome address there was a launch of the booklet “Physical Edition of G2G News Latest Booklet: 23 Influential People In Gaming Sector To Watch In 2023” and a panel discussion on “Investments & Opportunities in the Online Gaming Industry: Contribution to $1 trillion digital economy”.

After the lunch break a presentation on the topic “International perspective on Gaming Regulation” was delivered by Mona Motwani, Director-Sports & Content Partnerships, Indian Subcontinent, Sportradar.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion on “Best channels for marketing online real money gaming” moderated by Jaydeep Chakravartty, Member, Meghalaya Gaming Commission. The panel consisted of Abhishek Banerjee (Head of National Growth, AdonMo), Srikanth Bureddy (Founder, Valueleaf), Anutosh Chatterjee (Gaming Consultant) and Hishank Jhala (Head of Sales, CricTracker).

With another short break in between the session on “Making India a global game development hub: Opportunities & Challenges”, moderated by Senjam Raj Shekhar, the Head of Global Communications at MPL commenced. The panel consisted of Shivani Jha, Director of EWA Centre, Zerah Angela Gonsalves, Gaming & Esports consultant and Suraj Chokhani, Managing Director for Ability Games.

The intriguing session above was followed by a presentation by Amrit Kiran Singh, Chief Strategy Officer, Gameskraft Technologies on “Regulatory Challenges for Online Skill Games”.

The final session of the day, “Innovations in Online Real Money Gaming: Where to draw the line?”, was moderated by Ranjana Adhikari who is a partner at Indus Law. The panelists included Siddharth Sharma, VP of Head Digital Works along with Dibyojyoti Mainak the senior VP of MPL and Vivan Sharan, a partner at Koan Advisory Group.

This marked the end of the sessions on Day 1 of the G2G Expo 2022. An afterparty and the awards night are scheduled for the evening. Stay tuned for updates on the awards function.