Banned betting website Parimatch continues to flout Indian law, onboards actress Kajal Aggarwal as brand ambassador

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Illegal offshore betting platform promotions show no signs of stopping. In fact, many of the platforms have doubled down on hiring celebrities to promote and dupe as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

The latest celebrity to join the bandwagon is actress Kajal Aggarwal who has teamed up with banned betting website Parimatch as global brand ambassador. Aggarwal is a well-known face in the Indian film industry with millions of fans.

The illegal betting firm intends to boost traffic to its website. The government has blocked the main and several other mirror domains of Parimatch, but the company keeps changing it on a regular basis to remain accessible.

Aggarwal shared her excitement, claiming that she will ‘redefine gaming to new heights’ in her year-long partnership. However, the Ministry of Information Technology is working on a framework to regulate online gaming and prevent these illegal betting websites from operating and promoting themselves.

Incidentally, the illegal betting platform recently launched its own surrogate sportswear brand called Parimatch Sports in order to further boost its promotion without raising suspicion. The company even hired Indian cricketer Shivam Dube to entice youngsters.

The move was arguably done to avoid conflict with the government which is working to stop surrogate promotions of these platforms through TV, OTTs, social and print media. However, the illegal betting firm is still promoting through the above mentioned methods.

So far, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has released four advisories, asking multiple media outlets, cable and OTT platforms, and others to refrain from promoting these illegal betting websites.

No strict action has been taken yet against those who have been promoting these platforms, apart from warnings and notices. However, this may change soon with the implementation of the new online gaming framework.