Two more arrested in Mahadev Satta App Case by ED, remanded in custody until January 17

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has arrested two individuals Amit Agrawal from Raipur and Navin alias Nitin Teebarwal from Kolkata, in connection with the Mahadev App case in Chhattisgarh. The Special Court of the ED presided over by Justice Ajay Singh Rajput, has remanded both accused in ED custody until January 17.

The ED, as part of its investigation into the Mahadev App case, will conduct investigations with both individuals. The Special Court Judge, Justice Ajay Singh Rajput, has directed that the ED custody for the accused be extended until January 17 for further investigations.

Jagran reported Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey, the Special Public Prosecutor for the ED, revealed that both individuals had been implicated in the investigation into the Mahadev App case. He explained that both accused were involved in betting significant amounts of money on the App. Important evidence led to the issuance of summonses for extensive questioning.

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey further stated that the ED conducted extensive interrogations with both accused at their office, following which they were arrested.

The Mahadev App case has been a subject of intense scrutiny, with the ED focusing on uncovering the financial transactions and individuals involved in the alleged illegal betting operations. The investigation is ongoing, and the ED is expected to delve deeper into the intricate details of the case.

The Mahadev App, a platform for betting and gambling, has garnered attention due to its alleged involvement in unlawful activities. The partnership between the ED and the Special Court highlights the seriousness of the matter, with authorities aiming to ensure a thorough investigation.