Mahadev App Betting Probe: Accused Actor Sahil Khan Remains Untraceable

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In a twist to the Mahadev app betting case, actor Sahil Khan, one of the accused, has informed Mumbai police that he is currently out of the country and will be available for questioning only after two weeks. The police, however, remain skeptical as no supporting evidence has been provided to validate Khan’s claim. Khan’s alleged involvement in the scam has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, leaving fans and authorities alike baffled by his sudden disappearance.

Khan, along with three others, had been summoned by the Mumbai crime branch for their alleged involvement in the betting case linked to the Mahadev app. Shockingly, none of the summoned individuals, including Khan, appeared before the police, and they failed to provide any reasons for their absence.

Expressing dissatisfaction with Khan’s response, an officer stated that they were considering their options. The officer noted that the response provided by Khan lacked proof, and they might issue a Look Out Circular (LOC) against the accused to prevent them from fleeing. Additionally, the officer mentioned the possibility of issuing a second summons if the accused failed to present themselves.

As reported in The Indian Express, the investigation took a serious turn when it was revealed that one of the accused, Amit Sharma, had alleged business ties with fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Mustaqim. Subsequently, Sharma, Sahil Khan, his brother Sam, and another accused, Hitesh Khushlani, were directed to join the probe, but all four remained absent.

The FIR lists a total of 31 accused, some of whom are currently outside the country. While the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has been examining the case, the Mumbai police started their investigation based on a magistrate court order. The case was later transferred to the Mumbai crime branch for further scrutiny.

Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis addressed the matter during the state legislature’s winter session, revealing that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) is actively investigating the Mahadev app case.

As the accused continue to dodge questioning, the police are considering additional measures to ensure their cooperation. The Mahadev app betting case continues to be under close legal scrutiny, involving potential ties to infamous individuals.

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