Mahadev app online gambling network busted in Udaipur: multi-crore transactions exposed

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The police in both Udaipur and Salumber districts have intensified their efforts against online fraud and online gambling. Acting on information received, Salumber SP Arshad Ali became aware of the spread of a betting network involving the Mahadev app in the district and surrounding areas.

Taking the information seriously, SP Arshad Ali formed various teams to investigate the matter. During the operation, crucial information related to online betting was gathered by the team, leading to the arrest of Jugal Patel, son of Mahadev app franchise operator, Jayprakash Patel, aged 24, residing in Patel Nagar, Salumber. Mobile phones and software were confiscated from him.

As reported by Udaipurtimes, accused Jugal Patel himself traveled to Dubai through an individual from Salumber on January 19, 2023. During his approximately three-month stay in Dubai, he worked for the Mahadev app and received comprehensive training. Two other individuals also went to Dubai with him, and after completing training at the Mahadev app call center in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, all three individuals returned to Salumber.

During this period, Jugal Patel opened a bank account in his mother’s name and provided the account number to the Mahadev app contacts in Dubai. Transactions totaling approximately Rs. 2 crore were identified in this account within 40 days. Jugal Patel also obtained bank account numbers of his associates and made them available to Mahadev app operators in Dubai. Research is underway to trace these transactions.

Currently, within a week, transactions totaling Rs. 4 million have taken place in this account. Jugal Patel facilitated other associates’ accounts in Dubai associated with the Mahadev app, where transactions of crores of rupees have occurred. The entire network is under investigation, and efforts are being made to thoroughly scrutinize and dismantle it at the earliest.

Modus Operandi: Advertisements for Mahadev app betting are circulated on social media platforms, featuring prominent celebrities. WhatsApp numbers are provided for contact. When an individual interested in placing bets contacts the given WhatsApp number, they receive a module containing various types of betting links from the Mahadev app.

Upon selecting the betting link, the individual receives an account number to which they are instructed to send money. After the money is received, a live betting operation is conducted in Dubai through Jugal Patel. Currently, transactions worth lakhs are being conducted in this account. If the individual loses the bet, the money goes to the Mahadev app account. If they win, another mobile number is provided, and the individual can withdraw their winnings by contacting that number.

This lure has trapped the futures of thousands of youth. Those involved in running the franchise transfer money from one account to another and then send the funds to Dubai through hawala channels. To evade the police, the criminals operate under various names like Joganiya, Lotus, or even under the name of the Mahadev app. However, ultimately, all are part of the same Mahadev app network.

The investigation is ongoing to identify and apprehend a woman and several men who have been recognized in the Salumber and Udaipur regions. These individuals travel directly to Dubai, maintaining contact with the owners of the Mahadev app. A comprehensive check and research of the entire network will be conducted, and swift action will be taken against the entire network.