Mahadev Book mirror site uses Virat Kohli’s brand persona illegally for promotions

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Despite government agencies being on the heels of Mahadev Book‘s illegal betting network operators, the promotions by it are still running as before with even fake ads involving popular personalities being used to rope in as many customers as possible.

In one of its adverts, the illegal betting network’s mirror site Mahadeva Book can be seen using the image of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli illegally to promote its services. Notably, Mahadev Book operators also sign up celebrities for promotions as well.

As per police and Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigations, several celebrities were hired for promoting Mahadev Book illegal betting network to their fans. The promotions by them do not only involve promoting Mahadev Book, but its subsidiaries too.

One such ongoing case is of actor and influencer Sahil Khan, who promoted Lion Book. As of now, Khan has contested the allegations against him in the Bombay High Court.

Another interesting to note is that the network, just like other illegal offshore betting platforms, uses mirror domains which is slightly different from the original. If people do not pay close attention, they might not even realize that it is a different domain.

This practice is followed due to the original domains being banned by MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) and is a fairly common method for all illegal betting platforms to continue operations.

Funnily enough, even the illegal betting platforms are being scammed as multiple betting operators are requesting people to not contact old numbers. These illegal betting platforms have switched so many domains that others are now taking advantage posing as them.

Nevertheless, people are getting scammed out of money in both situations. Even if the alleged masterminds are being detained in Dubai there is no guarantee that the operations will stop.