Puducherry: Congress MP accuses state government of supporting gambling clubs

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President of Puducherry Indian National Congress V. Vaithilingam has accused the state government of secretly supporting the establishment of gambling clubs in Puducherry.

During a press conference, Vaithilingam stated that the Yanam Royal Recreation Club was shut down for over six months after local opposition, but is now back in business with full support and backing of AINRC-BJP government.

“The gambling club which was closed for the last 6 months in Enam near Puducherry region of Andhra Pradesh has been reopened. The gambling club has been re-established by a private organization. BJP and NR Congress members there have supported this,” Vaithilingam said as per The Hindu.

He said that they (the government) often say the ‘government does not have funds’, using this as an excuse, they are planning to open more gambling clubs. Vaithilingam alleges that a similar trick was used for giving permits to liquor outlets and is now being done with gambling clubs.

“No one knows who the beneficiary will be, whether it is the State or people in the government. The club has got the full backing of the Lt Governor. Gambling is taking place and business worth ₹1 crore is happening every day,” he further said, adding that he will be writing a letter to the president about the situation.

Meanwhile, Puducherry government has previously shown its interest in banning online rummy with PWD Minister, Arumugam Namassivayam claiming that there will soon be a ban on online rummy similar to the one in the state of Tamil Nadu.

While there were no news regarding physical casinos the allegations made by Vaithilingam need further evaluation as it will surprising to see online rummy, a game labelled as game of skill by the Supreme court banned while gambling outlets receiving permission from the same government.