Punjab: Family recovers prize-winning lottery ticket worth Rs 1 crore from garbage bin

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A 20-year-old hawker from Mansa district of Punjab named Devinder Kumar won a Rs 1 crore lottery prize at Nagaland Dear Lotteries. However, in an awkward turn of events, he found the lost lottery ticket, which he accidentally threw along with trash. Coincidentally, his father Bhola Ram also works as a lottery agent.

The family discovered that they had lost the lottery ticket on Tuesday, June 13. The ticket was believed to be thrown away in a black poly bag in the trash after they did a thorough check of their home. In hopes of finding the grand prize ticket, they hunted the garbage dump the whole night.

According to their neighbour, their efforts were fruitful, and the ticket was recovered. The family rejoiced at this favourable turn of events, with Bhola Ram saying, “We will organise a Langar to provide meals for the needy with this money.”

The money of Punjab’s lottery will be credited to the family’s account in three months once the winner files the required paperwork at the lottery company’s Ludhiana office. Speaking on his luck, Bhola Ram said, “Lotteries do bring luck sometimes, as it happened in our case.”

Funny incidents in lottery cases continue

There have been many fun spectacles in many lottery winner cases, as previously, one daily wage labour ran straight towards nearest police station after winning a Rs 75 lakh lottery seeking protection. The winner said he was not familiar with the procedures and thought someone would steal his ticket.

There are also some people who are always ready to help out others like the case of a recent lottery winner in Abu Dhabi who is a resident of Odisha, Sahajan Mohammad. After hearing about the recent train accident in Odisha, Mohammad has pledged to help out the victims of the accident from a part of his winnings.