Former Puducherry CM Narayanasamy asks government to pass ordinance banning online gambling

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Former Chief Minister of Puducherry V. Narayanasamy urged the Union Territory’s National Democratic Alliance government, led by the All India N.R. Congress, to enact an ordinance prohibiting online gambling on Monday.

Speaking during a press conference, Narayanasamy claimed that online gambling was very common in Puducherry. Online gambling has reportedly led to people becoming financially trapped. He said that the government had pledged to introduce legislation outlawing it.

“Home Minister Namassivayam himself assured to bring a legislation but nothing concrete has happened. Probably, the government did not want to act as several ruling party legislators are involved in the online gambling business. It is spoiling the lives of several families so the government should immediately bring out an ordinance and then introduce a bill in the Assembly,” said Narayanasamy.

In response to the accusations made against him by Namassivayam, the former CM stated that the Home Minister lacks the moral authority to criticize him because he has frequently changed political parties throughout his career.

According to the recent comments made by the Home Minister, Narayanasamy did not contest the Assembly elections because he was afraid of losing. In response to it, Narayanasamy said, “Even in my ups and downs with Congress, I am still in the party. Mr. Namassivayam was a minister in my government and switched to the BJP before elections. He was with another party before. So, the Home Minister has no right to criticize me.”

Narayanasamy had previously asked the Puducherry government to introduce an emergency ordinance to ban online gambling. When asked for the reason, Narayanasamy replied that it was requested by various locals.

The ex-CM strongly believes that a similar kind of ordinance, like the one introduced in Tamil Nadu, can be implemented in Puducherry in order to ban online rummy and gambling.