3 essential utilities to enhance your PC gaming experience

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While gaming laptops allow one to play on the go, they also face some limitations. These can include hardware performance limitations, as well as connectivity limitations if a player wants to connect either a specific device or multiple devices.

While the performance limitations can only be eliminated through a new device, connectivity limitations can be countered with some simple accessories which are easily available in the market nowadays.

These equipment can either make a complex system simple or provide a great option to allow multiple devices for couch coop play in both laptops or desktop PCs. Notably, their utility is not limited to gaming as they can also be useful for a variety of other tasks.

Here are three must-have equipment for gamers –

1. USB audio adapter

These adapters are some of the most useful tools for people struggling with the wrong connector on their headset or microphone. The adapter contains multiple input options and changes them into USB input.

This is particularly useful when you want a headset, but the input does not match with the old generation of 3.5 mm jack your PC has. Some PCs, especially desktops, have separate audio and mic inputs while laptops have a combined 3.5 mm jack.

With an audio adapter, gamers can jack in both separate or combined connectors and simply convert it to a USB connection.

Players looking for one can check out the Ant Esports Audio Adapter which is available here for Rs 629.

2. USB hub

The USB audio adapter is hogging up a USB port you say? Using a USB hub can offset this problem and easily provide multiple connection options. This is especially useful for laptop gamers where the USB ports are comparatively less.

Another advantage a USB hub provides is the ability to connect multiple controllers or even a keyboard and mouse for playing coop games with the others on a single device. But do note that the game needs to have that feature.

The USB hubs are usually cheap and provide a lot of utility. Many of the popular gaming peripherals makers also make these USB hubs.

Players looking to buy one can check out Zebronics 300HB 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub here for Rs 499. The company also provides a cheaper alternative option for a USB 2.0 Hub that can be found here for Rs 179.

3. USB extension

Gone are the days when players used to get yelled at by parents for sitting too close to their gaming device as with a USB extension, players can sit and relax as per their wish.

These extensions are also useful for players who are gaming on a big screen and while there is an option for Bluetooth connection, playing a competitive game can arguably give more advantage to the players.

Players looking to buy a USB extension can check out Storite USB 3.0 Male to Female Extension which has a three-meter long cable. It can be purchased for Rs 399 here.