5 most popular AAA single player games

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Single player games are considered as the building blocks of gaming. Yesteryear classic games like DOOM, Mario, Metroid inspired several new AAA games that we play today. Many companies released game consoles with cassettes containing a variety of games, many of which could be played with friends.

Nowadays, many AAA game developers and publishers are pushing their multiplayer live-service games that are fun for a while but tend to lose their charm as most of the times there is no point in playing them alone. Only a few games have been able to pull off the live-service trick and most of them are esports titles.

In these situations, all one needs is a great single-player game with good storyline and decent visuals to relax and forget about grinding up the battle pass and player ranks in a live-service game that does not even have any competitive aspect.

We have listed some of the best single-player story games. These are not mentioned in any specific order and provide a unique and entertaining single-player gameplay experience.

Here are 5 most popular AAA single player games –

1. RDR2

Red Dead Redemption 2 combines some of the best visuals of all time along with a great story filled with some of the most complex and interesting characters that do not feel like a generic NPC sidekick. These characters interact with each other and the player and have different personalities that make the story even more indulging.

The visuals are another strong point of the game. The variety of set pieces will make anyone stop mid-mission and admire the scenery. The shooting also feels good, especially the deadeye which improves further into the game story.

The original RDR was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles and for the time being, there seems to be no official PC port on the horizon but RDR2 is and does not require prior knowledge of the previous game.

Players can get the game for a discount for PlayStation 4 here, and for Xbox One here.